New York Anxiety Treatment currently offers two groups catering to the treatment of OCD. In order to ensure new patients find the group that best fits their needs, we require a 30-minute screening session that will be done via web or phone at no cost. Please reference the detailed outlines of the groups we offer below.



Exposure Lab is a weekly 1.5 hour Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) group, designed to assist OCD patients in individual ERP with continuing to implement exposures throughout their week. It is an opportunity for directed and intensive exposure practice adjunctive to individual therapy. 

The goal of the group is to increase exposure practice for patients struggling with OCD by increasing opportunity and motivation and decreasing barriers to practice. Members have the opportunity to engage in their own exposures, as well as offer support to other members, as they engage in their own exposures.

Exposure Lab meets on a weekly basis, with a required eight-session commitment. Sessions meet at our office and take place in various areas around New York City. Sessions are devised to accommodate members' individual themes and goals.

GOAL Group

The group is consistent with the principles of Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) and is intended to assist individuals suffering with OCD toward leading freer, more fulfilling lives through:


◆ Setting personal goals for growth and recovery

◆ Removing shame and stigma associated with OCD

◆ Enhancing motivation to face difficulties associated with treatment

◆ Fostering community and minimizing isolation

Each group is divided into two parts: discussing an OCD-related theme and setting, reviewing and trouble-shooting individual goals.

The OCD Goal Group meets at 525 E. 68th St. every other Tuesday evening 6:30-8:00 pm.

The group is ongoing, but we ask for a commitment of six sessions.